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A brief description of key areas in Greenwich

Named after the historic town of Greenwich, the present day Royal Borough has been continuously voted as one of the best places in London a person can possibly live. A mix of administrative headquarter, tourist attractions, extensive open green spaces and beautifully developed residential areas, Greenwich is indeed a fine place – one that you will feel very much at home in.

Some basic information about what Greenwich has to offer

Right now the borough covers a total territory of 18.28 square miles and has population of 274 800. Major landmarks here include:

  • The Cutty Sark
  • The O2 Arena
  • Emirates Air Line cable car
  • Eltham Palace
  • Charlton House
  • The Thames Barrier
  • The Royal Arsenal

If you are thinking about moving homes to the area, you will need to take a closer look at the neighbourhoods that are currently making up the residential developments in Greenwich. In order to help you we have picked up some of the best among them, in our humble opinion.

The top districts of the borough

Keightley Drive, New ElthamWe would like to take the chance to begin with the area of New Eltham. As one can imagine, this SE9 district is a modern extension of the original settlement of Eltham. It was developed as a typical suburb in the end of the 19th century on the land attached to Eltham that was used for farming purposes up to this moment. Even though there is not much going on in Eltham at the present moment – the area is primarily residential in character – it benefits greatly from good transport links, fine schools and low crime rates, which in our view makes it a very nice place to live in indeed. Additionally, New Eltham has very good traditions in different sports. There is a really big running club based in the area, as well as the Newpark FC and many others. New Eltham Operatic Society enjoys local prominence and fame as well.

A fine and expedient home removal service in Mottingham is also likely to enter your agenda soon, if you decide to check out the district in question. Lying some 9 miles away from Charing Cross, the district was mainly developed as a housing estate in the 1930s. As it was the case with New Eltham, the area is primarily residential and suburban in character, which makes it ideal for people looking for peace and quiet. It enjoys an extensive list of really popular residents, including but not limited to:

  • Anton Ferdinand, footballer
  • G. Grace, cricketer
  • Carl Leaburn, footballer
  • Eric Liddell, athlete and missionary
  • Jim Staples, rugby player
  • Alex Walkinshaw, actor

Greenwich ParkQuite naturally, we cannot miss to mention the very town that prompted the formation of the modern borough. In addition to have great coverage by the most reputed house removal company in Greenwich the eponymous district is known as the administrative, commercial and residential centre of this part of London. It is one of the earliest established districts of London, and what is more the area has even longer history closely related to the history of the monarchy, which is the reason why today the borough has a Royal Status. If you want to learn more about the history of Greenwich, we would like to recommend that you focus to its relations to the reigns of James I and Charles I, George I and Henry IV, as well as the period during the rule of Queen Victoria, when the town expanded significantly and actually became the place we know today.

One more for the road

As we have already had the chance to mention, Greenwich is known for its very extensive open green spaces. If London has taught us something over the years, that’s the fact that the best places to live in the capital are situated around small but well kept parks. The area of Westcombe Park is a true testament to that statement. Westcombe Hill, one of the highest points of London, dominates the local landscape. The original village green is very well preserved and on top of everything else, there are a number of really fine pubs in the area too. The best among them is definitely the Royal Standard.

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