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What You Should Not Take to Your New Home

You have just bought a new home and you have already started to look for a domestic removal company. Well, congratulations! But here’s one advice – don’t take everything from your old house into your new property. No matter how practical and organised you are, there will certainly be at least a few things which you don’t need to keep.

Things you no longer need or use

If you have any possessions which you have not used in more than two years, it is safe to say you do not really need them anymore. People’s tastes and interests change and that always results in a closet or a garage stacked with boxes of long-forgotten items. The list here can be long and diverse but in most of the cases it includes:

  • Clothes you have not worn in ages
  • Books you did not like
  • Broken home appliances
  • Old magazines and leaflets

Items you borrowed from someone else

Moving home is the best time to return all the items you have ever borrowed but forgot to return. Otherwise, you will waste time, efforts and resources packing and moving items which are not yours. So, do yourself a favour and return that old umbrella to your mother.

Repetitive possessions

Old JunkTwo pencil holders, three piggy banks, four bottle openers… No, this is not a new version of the 12 Day of Christmas song but an example list of things which should always come in one. Unless you are planning to open a shop or you are actually collecting some of these items, you should really get rid of them. In fact, do that even if you are not planning to move home in the near future. There is simply no point in keeping repetitive possessions.

Bad habits

Scientists believe that the ideal moment to give up smoking or any other bad habits is shortly after you have moved into a new home. That is because our brains view relocation as a big life change and, for a brief period of time, they make us more open to new experiences, lifestyles and ideas. As a result, quitting smoking, starting a new diet or a new exercise plan is always much easier during the first few months after a big move. Still, if you don’t try to ditch your bad habits from Day One in your new home, you may miss this opportunity since your brain will crawl back into its old shell.

Worries about the future

Moving into a new house is a very stressful event as it is not only a big and important step but also because it leaves many questions hanging in the air. For example, many people worry that the value of their newly-purchased property may decrease in a couple of years or that they may end up hating their new neighbourhood. However, if you spend too much time worrying about what ifs, could bes and if onlys, you will never be able to enjoy this thrilling and exciting moment of your life.

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