The 3 Crowns is a leading professional moving company handling removals in London. This means that we strive to make our services the best possible, which naturally includes competitive prices for them making removals in London handled by us accessible to as many people as possible.

We believe in the individual approach to every removal in London we have been hired to carry out. This means that the price for the project is also going to be estimated according to the individual specs of the job. Just get in touch today and ask for a free quote for your project. Give us the details of your removal in London, or arrange for a viewing to be carried out by one of our moving teams and we will tell you exactly how much you are going to be charged in order to have the job done by us.

Prices for small scale relocations

The typical rates on which we work look like this:

Rates for a small van (up to

500 cubic feet)

One mover Two movers Three movers
One hour (Two hour minimum) £25 £35 £45
Half a day (up to four hours) £99 £130 £170
Full day (up to eight hours) £190 £280 £350

Bear in mind that all the rates described in the tables above and below are for estimated from the time when our team arrives at the property which is to be moved. All moving vans and trucks are supplied with loading gear and modern GPS navigation. If you want more information on our removal vehicles, check out the separate page on this website or address your question to our polite and helpful around the clock customer support via email.

Prices for full-scale removals in London



For large

Removal vehicle

One mover Two movers Three movers
One hour (Two hour minimum) £38 £46 £56
Half a day (up to four hours) £150 £180 £215
Full day (up to eight hours) £290 £350 £420

It should be noted that the prices we talk about here are usually applicable for removal from Monday to Thursday. Friday and weekend rates could potentially be different. It will all be explained to you in the free quote that you can receive from us upon request. Again, we encourage you to get in touch with our polite and very knowledgeable customer support specialists for further details.

The 3 Crowns is the best moving company you want by your side

We work in teams of 1 to 3 people, depending on the size and other individual specs of the project we are assigned with managing. Our main goal is to make sure that the job is finished properly and as quickly as possible. This is the only way to guarantee that our clients are going to receive the best quality of service on the most reasonable price possible. All our movers are trained and licensed individuals who employ the best equipment, vehicles and practices of the moving industry with the sole purpose of providing you, as our client with a cheap and reliable alternative for your upcoming removal in London.

Get in touch today and obtain the best price for your removal in London

Feel free to request a free quote from The 3 Crowns today by simply giving our helpful customer support team a call or dropping us an email in our contact form. If there are no changes in the specifics of the project, the price you are told in advance will be the one to pay upon completion of your removal in London – no hidden taxes and surprise charges apply when the job is done.

The 3 Crowns is a leading moving company for the territory of London. For that reason we do whatever is necessary to ensure that we maintain the best fleet of removal vehicles in the capital – such that would be suitable for domestic and commercial relocations in the city of any scale and nature.

The nature and specifics of your removal in London are going to determine the type of vehicle we are going to dispatch for its completion. It is important to say that all vehicles are kept in a prime condition and carefully cleaned after every operation.  They also have moving blankets, hoists, latching and other safety gear to guarantee the hassle-free transportation of your boxes.

The Transit vans

A portion of our fleet consists of new Transit vans that are suitable for smaller moving jobs such as single item deliveries, furniture collection and student removals in London. Their size and capacity come to guarantee the quick and hassle-free completion of your project even if you need to move to and/or from some of the busiest parts of London. The specs of the Transit Van as provided by the manufacturer are the following:

  • Approximate cargo bay volume: 250 cubic feet / just over 7 cubic metres;
  • Max payload capacity: 850 kilograms;
  • Internal dimensions: L x W x H – 2.24m x  7m  x  1.53m
  • External dimensions: L x W x H – 4.86m x  36m  x  1.98m



Lutons are considerably larger than the Transit vans. They are perfectly capable of covering the volume requirements of even full scale domestic and commercial relocations, especially if they are mid-size ones. Most of our Lutons come with a hydraulic tail lift – a guarantee for the fast and safe loading of your goods on board.  Our experience shows that a Luton can easily fit the content of a two bedroom house or flat.

  • Approximate cargo bay volume: 500 – 750 cubic feet / or 14 – 21 cubic metres;
  • Max payload capacity: 1250 kilograms;
  • Internal dimensions: L x W x H – 4.09m x  07m  x  2.4m
  • External dimensions: L x W x H – 6.95m x  10m  x  3.14m

Long Wheelbase Transits

If the scale of the moving project you are hiring us for is really big, you are going to be provided with a Long Wheelbase Transit lorry. The benefits of the Long Wheelbase is the fact that despite its optimized cargo space, it is still very maneuverable, which makes it excellent for moving in the busy streets of urban and even suburban London.

  • Approximate cargo bay volume: 350 cubic feet / just over 9 cubic metres;
  • Max payload capacity: 1590 kilograms;
  • Internal dimensions: L x W x H – 3.29m  x  1.98m  x  1.85m
  • External dimensions: L x W x H – 5.67m  x  2.38m  x  2.54m
  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 3 500 kilograms (3.5 tons)

The LWB is perfect for large scale domestic and commercial relocations.

All our vehicles are, naturally, driven by professional drivers who have many years of experience in the field. They have been behind the wheel during countless removals in London which guarantees that they know how to determine the optimal route on which the job they are currently working on is to be done, not to mention the fact that they know how to apply fuel saving driving techniques – another guarantee for our low prices, as well the fact that our service is as eco-friendly as they come.

Feel free to get more information about our vehicles and London moving services by simply calling our helpful around the clock customer support team.

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