UK’s Most Family-Friendly Places to Live in

The United Kingdom is many things. It is among the best countries in the world for young entrepreneurs, for overseas students… and, unsurprisingly, for learning English. However, according to surveys, it is not among the world’s most family-friendly places. European countries like Finland, Norway, the Czech Republic and France all rank higher than the United […]

Things to Know When Planning to Move to Birmingham

When Londoners decide to move out of the capital, they usually go to Birmingham. Over 6,000 of all people who relocate out of the Big Smoke every year move to a home in Brum. If you are thinking of joining this trend, start by learning more about the country’s second largest city. Then, if you […]

Staying Productive in the Midst of a Home Office Move

During an office move, the productivity of employees can witness a dramatic drop. That is because they have to work in a more dynamic environment that often involves many boxes stacked up all over the place, agitated co-workers and even more agitated supervisors and managers. Things can get several times more nerve-wracking if the company […]

Best Areas to Live Around the City of London

The City of London is the heart – historic and economic – of our nation’s capital. Even though there is a conception that The City is a place of business, not one that you can comfortably settle down in, there are still some areas in its vicinity that will make up for a very nice […]

Things to Know When Moving to Another City

Moving homes within the premises of a single city the size of London is a harsh enough task. But when you have to deal with a relocation from London to another town or city across the country, things become even more complicated. Here are several strategies that will definitely help you remove at least a […]

Moving Home with a Pet Hedgehog

Having a pygmy hedgehog as a pet is not something new. This trend first appeared in the 1990s but it lasted only for a few short years. Today, however, hedgehogs enjoy newly-found popularity among all sorts of people. Maybe you too have added a prickly cute member to your household too. But now that you […]

Coping Tips for Teens When Moving House

House removal can be stressful for all family members, but teens who are already experiencing their age-related issues might find this experience nerve-wracking and overwhelming. They are about to experience changes that will be hard to cope with, such as starting a new school, leaving their old friends and making new ones, adjusting to new […]

Moving House The Stress-Free Way

Relieve yourself and the people closest to you from the harshest nightmares of moving house by following the steps in this basic guide. Relocating your household becomes easy and stress-free if you: Plan everything in advance Keep in contact with your moving firm at all times Pack your goods carefully to secure them for the […]

Islington’s Hidden and Not-So-Hidden Gems

Islington may be the third smallest borough in England but, over the past few years, it has managed to turn into one of the trendiest London boroughs. Fine restaurants, a peaceful and quiet alternative to the city’s bustle but with a winning location, charming village-like neighbourhoods… there are simply so many great things about this […]

Tips on Getting Your Rental Deposit Back

In the current economy, buying a house is becoming more and more far-fetched for a larger portion of the population, especially the younger generations. That is why people are living in rented premises more often than ever before. Knowing your rights, as well as the tricks of renting accommodations is going to save you a […]

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