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Coping Tips for Teens When Moving House

House removal can be stressful for all family members, but teens who are already experiencing their age-related issues might find this experience nerve-wracking and overwhelming. They are about to experience changes that will be hard to cope with, such as starting a new school, leaving their old friends and making new ones, adjusting to new surroundings and culture if you are moving abroad, etc. Following tips might be useful for your teen during the process of house relocation.

Get them involved

While you are still hunting for the house of your dreams, ask your teen for their opinion. They will feel involved if they express their opinion regarding:

They will feel like a genuine part of the decision making team. This way, after they choose their room, they will have a project of decorating and designing the space to look forward to after you finally move in. Keep them informed of the latest moving news and details. Additionally, you can assign them tasks like helping out with younger siblings or packing an essentials box.

A moving journal

Perhaps your teen already keeps their journal but you can suggest they start writing a moving journal where they can express how they feel about this journey. It might help them face negative feelings and concerns and focus on positive things only. They can add pictures of their friends and family, neighbourhood and other things they love. This way, they will have a priceless keepsake full of memories.

Explore your new city together

One of the major sources of fear when moving to new surroundings is the fear of unknown. You will help your teen deal with their fears and reduce their stress levels if you let them get to know your new community. Let them discover information about facilities relevant to your family, such as the location of a local gym or nearest park. After they learn more about the place, it won’t feel strange and distant to them anymore. They will slowly start to accept the change.

Take a tour of the new school

Before booking a vetted house removals company in North Kensington, take your teen with you when you register them for school. Find information about teams and clubs they can join after you move. Participating in some of these activities will help them socialise faster, make new friends and adjust to new surroundings.

Let them pack their essentials box

As you focus on finding affordable nationwide removal services, your teen can pack their own essentials box that will include items they will need for the first few days in their new home, like clothes, personal items, toiletries, etc.

Let them decide how to say goodbye

Saying goodbye to their friends will probably be the toughest part of removal for them. This is why they should decide how to do it. Perhaps they would like to organise a goodbye party or have a sleep-over with their friends. Remind them to write down their friends’ phone numbers, date of their birthdays and other relevant info into their moving journal.

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