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Moving House The Stress-Free Way

Relieve yourself and the people closest to you from the harshest nightmares of moving house by following the steps in this basic guide. Relocating your household becomes easy and stress-free if you:

  • Plan everything in advance
  • Keep in contact with your moving firm at all times
  • Pack your goods carefully to secure them for the road
  • Be ready to be flexible

Planning is the key indeed

The stress of moving home comes from the many complications that can arise in the process. There are quite a few tasks that you will have to take into account and delegate enough time to cover them on time. So before you start any sort of preparation for your upcoming domestic relocation, it will be a very reasonable idea to create a moving schedule and a plan. Thus you will be able to keep track of the challenges ahead of you and minimise the risk of being surprised. If you end up pressed by time, use trusted storage services in London and transfer some of your possessions in a temperature-controlled storage unit. That will give you the freedom to move them to your new address at a later point.

Bonus: Book an end of tenancy cleaning service so that you can rest assured you will not be quarrelling with your landlord and would be in a position to collect your security deposit right away.

Find reliable movers

Book a moving company that operates in your area and has good client reviews. Money is another thing to consider but they should not be your top priority – it is better to pay a little more and still get the job done without hassle – and have someone to watch your back in case something goes wrong. Still, you should be able to find cheap house removal services in Kilburn or anywhere else in Greater London without much trouble.

Pack everything carefully

You will spare yourself from a lot of headaches if you pay special attention to the way your furniture, appliances, clothes and other personal assets are packed. Proper packaging ensures that no damage would be sustained by your goods while on the road. Durable double walled removal boxes and industrial grade bubble wrap are the two sets of items that you will need in order to guarantee that. Remember to carefully label each box with its content too.

Bonus: Purchase Goods in Transit insurance as a safety net.

Check the weather

When you are moving house in winter, one of the biggest enemies you have is the weather. Completing the project in a snowstorm is almost a hundred per cent impossible, so keep track of the forecast in the days leading to your removal. Make sure to discuss the possibility of postponing/pushing back your moving date with your movers and new landlords in case the weather becomes too harsh in order to save yourself a ton of trouble.

Get things sorted out at your new place

Make sure that all utilities are readily provided at your new place – gas, electricity, phone, heating etc. Some of those take up to two weeks to be delivered so informing the relevant providers in advance will be a good idea. Finding out there is no heating at your place once you move in, for example, can add to the stress of relocation and lead to unpleasant consequences.

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