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Moving Home with a Pet Hedgehog

Having a pygmy hedgehog as a pet is not something new. This trend first appeared in the 1990s but it lasted only for a few short years. Today, however, hedgehogs enjoy newly-found popularity among all sorts of people. Maybe you too have added a prickly cute member to your household too. But now that you need to move home, you are starting to get worried.

Is it a good idea to move your pet hedgehog?

Pygmy hedgehogs like it when they have a routine and when they live in a familiar environment that does not present them to any surprises or changes. That is why for them travelling and change as a whole can:

  • Be very stressful
  • Reduce their appetite for a couple of days
  • Lead to health problems
  • Result in a change in stools

But before you call your movers and postpone your booking for efficient house removal services in Lambeth, know that if you prepare properly for the upcoming move and you if you make a special effort to establish a comfy atmosphere for them in your new home, you should have no problem moving your tiny pet.

Prepping for the road

The key to a successful trip with a hedgehog is familiarity. If you can, use their regular cage and bring along the food that they typically like to consume. As you probably know by now, hedgehogs like to drink their water slightly cool. So, you may want to bring a filled thermos with you.

In case you are moving to another country, you need to keep in mind that it will probably be easier for you to find budget-friendly removal services from London, UK to Spain, for instance, than to find information on whether or not you are allowed to import such domesticated animals into the country. That is because there still no strict or well-defined rules and laws concerning the importation of this type of pets. That is why you will need to directly contact the country’s immigration department rather than to seek for information on that topic online. Many countries, including the United States, will let you bring along your cute friend. Nevertheless, even then you may be required to get a health certificate from your vet to show that your hedgehog is healthy. Remember to this certificate needs to be issued not more than 10 days prior to your trip. If you are travelling by plane, speak with your airline of choice because they may require you to use a special crate if you want to take your pet on board of the aircraft. Most importantly, however, research the vets in your new area and find an expert that will be able to provide your pet with good medical care when that is necessary.

During the trip

It is not advisable to take your prickly pet out of its transport cage when you are on the road because that would simply stress it a bit too much. So, if the trip is going to be a short one, let your friend enjoy its peace. Do not panic if it does not want to eat or drink. Hedgehogs do not enjoy meals when they are on the go.

Settling in the new home

Place its cage in a low-traffic area and set up a temperature similar to that in your old home. Try to stick to their usual schedule – feeding times, sleeping hours, etc. Do not be alarmed if your prickly buddy refuses to eat for another day or two. Give it time to adjust but if it continues to keep lent for too long, contact your new vet.

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