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How to Quickly Get Back Online after Relocating

Adults in the UK spent 25 hours online every week, states a new research. On the average, people were found to use the internet on over 50 different occasions every single day. Therefore, it is only natural if you spend too much time worrying about how to quickly get online after moving into your new home. That can be of an even greater importance to you if you are working from home. That is why you need to familiarise yourself with all the different scenarios.

Transferring with your current supplier

If you are happy with the quality of the services that your present internet supplier offers you, you can continue to rely on them when you relocate. You may think that the transfer of your broadband connection will be an easy-peasy job. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. For instance, if you have signed your contract not so long ago, the process may be quite slow and challenging. As a start, your current supplier may not offer coverage in the area to which you are about to move. Even if they do operate in your new district, they may not provide the same kind or package of services. For example, the company may not be able to offer you fibre broadband in the other area. What is more, your contract may not allow you to transfer the service to a different location.

Know where you stand by carefully reading your contract. Contact your internet provider a few weeks before the moving day. Just keep in mind that if you need to terminate the service earlier, you may be asked to pay an extra fee.

Finding a new provider

The second option you have when you want to get back online quickly after moving house is to switch to a new carrier. Again, do not do that without going through the contract you have with your present internet provider.

Wireless SymbolIf your new area is served by more than one internet carrier, research the quality of the services they provide. More specifically, see whether they enjoy good ratings and reviews from clients in the neighbourhood to which you plan to move. Also, see what they can offer you. That does not simply mean visiting their website to view their latest promotions and discounts. Make an extra effort and speak with one of the company’s consultants. Ask if they can make a special offer to you. Some internet providers do not shy away from individual offers. Once you have weighed all of your options and their pros and cons, notify both your current and new carrier about your intentions.

Find a temporary solution

If you fear that getting a broadband connection in the home you just moved might take a while, you should consider using some of the other alternatives that you have. There are many ways through which you can connect your PC or laptop to the web. The solutions here include:

  • Connecting computer to the internet of your mobile device
  • Using a mobile broadband dongle
  • Relying on MiFi

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