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Staying Productive in the Midst of a Home Office Move

During an office move, the productivity of employees can witness a dramatic drop. That is because they have to work in a more dynamic environment that often involves many boxes stacked up all over the place, agitated co-workers and even more agitated supervisors and managers. Things can get several times more nerve-wracking if the company decides to assign relocation-related tasks to its employees such as packing documents or disassembling furniture. But what if you are working from homeā€¦ and you need to move. How can you possibly stay productive in this scenario? You can start by:

  • Planning both a home and office move
  • Selecting the best day to relocate
  • Planning everything in great advance
  • Backing up your files and information
  • Carefully arranging your priorities
  • Hiring certified removal experts

Also, you need to mentally prepare yourself that you may not be able to work at 100% and that your productivity will go through some ups and downs during the move. Therefore, it may be a good idea to temporarily reduce your workload if you can.

View your relocation as two separate moving jobs

When one is planning to relocate to a new home, he or she may decide to opt for all-around house removals in Grahame Park. However, if you work from home and you have a lot of important folders and sensitive equipment that you need to have collected and transported to your new address, you may want to rely on risk-free office removals in London. The pros that plan and carry out such moving jobs are very experienced in this niche and they know that time is of essence for you and your home-based business. They also know how to safely pack and handle electronic equipment.

Pick your moving day carefully

If you can, schedule your move on a weekend or a bank holiday to minimise disruptions and distractions. With the right team of movers by your side, the entire process can take you less than a day. Most relocation companies are available only on workdays but The 3 Crowns can offer you convenient home removal services in Kentish Town and other London districts on Saturday, Sunday and even on national holidays.

Avoid last-minute moving

Since you will be planning two and not one moving jobs (for your home office and for your home), you will need twice the time to do it. Be an early bird and start writing down your to-do lists and comparing quotes, the moment you decide to relocate.

Back it all up

Accidents happen and because of that, you need to back up all your business information on your computer. Even if you have removals insurance coverage, if your data goes missing, you may struggle to find a way to retrieve it later.

Have a workspace ready before you start moving your home office

Pack and move your work-related possessions and tools first. In that way, you will be able to set up your home office not long after you have moved.

Book skilled movers

Using the assistance of certified removal professionals will speed up your move and minimise business downtime. It will cost you extra but ultimately it will be a smart investment.

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