A brief description of key areas in Greenwich

Named after the historic town of Greenwich, the present day Royal Borough has been continuously voted as one of the best places in London a person can possibly live. A mix of administrative headquarter, tourist attractions, extensive open green spaces and beautifully developed residential areas, Greenwich is indeed a fine place – one that you […]

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What You Should Not Take to Your New Home

You have just bought a new home and you have already started to look for a domestic removal company. Well, congratulations! But here’s one advice – don’t take everything from your old house into your new property. No matter how practical and organised you are, there will certainly be at least a few things which […]

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Items That Easily Get Damaged During a Home Removal

One of the biggest nightmares which you can face when moving house is breaking or damaging your items during the relocation process. The only thing worse than that would probably be losing them. To prevent such accidents, you just need to know which categories of possessions are more fragile than the rest. Luckily, we have […]

How to Quickly Get Back Online after Relocating

Adults in the UK spent 25 hours online every week, states a new research. On the average, people were found to use the internet on over 50 different occasions every single day. Therefore, it is only natural if you spend too much time worrying about how to quickly get online after moving into your new […]

Tips on how to pack framed photos and paintings when moving

It can be daunting to properly take care of your artwork, framed photos, paintings and other valuable pieces when moving. Preparing them for removal is not that hard but you need to know few tips and tricks to avoid damages during handling and transportation. Here are some of them. Packing material When packing artwork, you […]

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Moving Office Timeline – When to Do What

In business, time is money. Therefore, if you are planning to move your small business to a new office, you will have to do that as effectively and quickly as possible. Any potential delays may cost you the loyalty of your clients. The most important step in any office removal is to organize and divide […]

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